Services mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but here at Gelzer & Son we view it as a commitment to our customers to solve their problems.

When it comes to options for home improvement services, we know that you need specific things like key cutting, screen repair or paint matching. Gelzer & Son does this and much more!

Kerosene Repair

Nothing is worse than when you go to fire up that kerosene heater in the dead of winter and it fails to work. Kerosene repair is one of our services that you may not be aware of, so stop in or call today and see how we can help!

Key Cutting

A second or third set of keys is great to have in case you have lost, broken or just worn out the original. We provide re-keying services for residential and business applications on a variety of lock types and have a large selection of key blanks with the equipment to cut your keys.

Lamp Repair / Light & Electrical

Have a lamp that just doesn't want to turn on? Need an electrical wire replaced on that hand-me-down lamp from mom and dad? Our light & electrical repair will help get you back and up and running in no time!

Paint Matching

Whether you’re painting a bedroom or that newly furnished family room, we can match any color you need! Just bring in a sample, fabric or a picture on your phone and we can put it in a can! For the quickest and most accurate paint color matching in your area, come see us!

Screen/Window Repair

Whether your window has been broken by a backyard game of baseball or the hardware no longer works properly, our window repair services are the best in the area!

Stop in or call Gelzer & Son's today for the home improvement repairs you need today and take a look at our large inventory of products available or shop online now and have it shipped to our store!